The Collective Museum // Your Muse Awaits....

cm-logo (1).jpg

I am thrilled to announce I've been hired to direct a series of pop-up quests to introduce New York City to the Collective Museum!  What is the Collective Museum?

In the words of Alyssa Gundred, the Museum's CEO, "“The Collective is essentially a children’s museum for adults.   Every adult has an idea for a project that they wish they had the time, space, or access to accomplish. Without knowledge, training, and the proper tools, these become ideas that are nice to think about, but never come to fruition,” says Alyssa Gundred, co-founder & CEO. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if there could be a place where you could bring your idea and actually manifest it?”  

The quest details and locations will be announced under #houseofthemuses, with new clues to be released each month on the new moon and a monthly secret party held on the full moon.  The quest serves as a way to introduce the public to the museum’s philosophy and programming and set the stage for a brick-and-mortar location set to open in 2019.

Hope to see you all at June's Full Moon Celebration - June 28th!  Follow #houseofthemuses for details.