for I'm Going to Make a Small Incision...

New York Times

"A typically rowdy Witness Relocation mash-up of rules and ridiculousness: great fun, stupid fun and great stupidity…."

Village Voice

"…cheerfully incoherent… pleasantly anarchic… pretty out of this world."


"In the course of things, many, many things, one gets to savor the hallmark of Witness Relocation--fluid, mercurial, downright gutsy physicality. Besides the frequent eruptions of mega-action, tiny details--say, the play of thought or emotion across the features of a face--are given intense and expert attention."



for Five Days in March


"Kourtney Rutherford’s Yukki only reluctantly agrees to the deal proposed by Wil Petre’s callow Minobe. Rutherford and Petre play the moment subtly and accurately; we feel the pain underneath the indifference."

Time Out New York

"[Okada] bombards us with the stop-and-go rhythms of actual speech, but cast members such as Wil Petre and Kourtney Rutherford interpret his false starts as adorable flakiness (adding to the sense of lightness), rather than slacker bummertude."



for Haggadah (or, The Passover Play)


"A breakthrough… Safer has created what will come to be seen as a seminal work in the history of Jewish theater… a fantastic duet between Moses and Nefertiti (Wil Petre and Laura Berlin Stinger) … drives the piece with a sense of urgency and fun."

New York Times

"Impressive physicality… erotic and violent… excellent young performers…Witness Relocation’s winning we’ll-try-anything spirit is backed up by genuine theatrical know-how."



for Actors are F*@#ing Stupid


"While they all nail the humor and subtlety of the piece, Petre's clueless Johnny is particularly genuine."

"Both McWethy and Kimmel give the role of Johnny so much room to play as a dumb model/actor--Petre chews a ton of scenery during his audition to hilarious effect."



for Chaser


"Wil Petre's honest and charming portrayal safeguards this one act from veering into trite waters..."

Theater Mania

"...Alexander and Petre deliver completely committed performances; they are not just willing to bare all, ...but nicely delineate their characters with a simple gesture or vocal inflection. It might well be worth chasing after whatever show these talented and attractive thespians do next."

American Theater Web

"...the somewhat aggressive and wheedling Val is played with impressive nuance by Wil Petre..."

Show Showdown

"Shaun Peknic has deftly guided the two excellent actors (Wil Petre and Jake Alexander) into a very real and natural performance which was no small task given the intensity and frankness of this play."



for The Butterfield Tones

."...The piece packs a wallop in its raw, intimate way, thanks to a strong performance by Wil Petre as Jose Silencio, the wrestler who haunts Tina."



for Chess'd!

"The clever, at times ingenious comic writing, combined with dead-on performances, direction, and design help make Chess'd! hilarious from start to finish."


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