Private Cocktail Classes, Home Bar Set-Up, Private Events & Staffing.


Cocktail Classes for Any Occasion!

For birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, singles mixers, or any gathering of adventurous friends, cocktail classes combine the excitement of learning about something new, with the fun of kicking back and having a few drinks.  Choose from any number of predesigned classes focusing on a specific spirit, or design your own class with the palate of your guests in mind.  Email for rates and availability.

Home Bar Set-Up

When hosting friends, family, and colleagues, sometimes you'd like to be able to offer something more than whiskey neat (though that is a fine offering).  

I offer home bar set-up, to equip you with the spirits, mixers, tools, glassware, personalized recipe cards, private cocktail tutorials, and (most importantly) confidence, to impress your guests.  

Be the best At-Home Bartender you can be.

Email to learn more.


If you are looking for a cocktail guru, a professional drink-maker, a charming bartender in the truest sense of the word, Wil is available for most occasions, with consideration of a few house rules.  To learn with these rules are, email