Education & Consultation

Since graduating NYU, Wil has stayed close to Playwright's Horizons Theater School, serving as a guest artist for upper level movement students, collaborating with Witness Relocation director Dan Safer in the generation of physical-based material for the creation of new work.  He also assisted teacher and actress Elizabeth Hess in her Acting Practicum course focusing of the work of Frederico Garcia Lorca and performing heightened poetic language.  Wil has also served as an acting consultant for the Creating Original Work (COW) students.

As a guest artist, he has assisted workshops with Clancy Productions at Rowan University, working with ropes, gags, and bonds, as a part of the Theater of Cruelty, and Theater Mitu/NYU Abu Dhabi, working with the University in devising a new work, which premiered as Abu Dhabi's historic first nationally-produced theatrical production.

Since 2012, Wil has curated Royal Pandahorse, a monthly salon dedicated to introduction of artists of different disciplines, and providing time, space, and resources to further artists' goals.  He has led feedback panels, focusing on specific constructive feedback to articulate artists' intentions, and prompt supportive inquiries to foster creative growth.

After leaving the original creative cast of Queen of the Night, Wil has been brought in as a One on One consultant, working with new actors, dancers, and circus artists, in the generation of highly intimate performance in public and private spaces.

Wil has been a monologue and audition coach since 2004.




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