Education & Consultation

Since graduating NYU, Wil stayed close to Playwright's Horizons Theater School, where he has taught courses on Rehearsal Process and Project Symposium for students writing and directing original work.  He has also served as a project mentor for junior and seniors. He has led workshops and taught master classes in devised theater at LIU Brooklyn.

Additionally as a guest artist, Wil has assisted workshops with Clancy Productions at Rowan University, working with ropes, gags, and bonds, as a part of the Theater of Cruelty, and Theater Mitu/NYU Abu Dhabi, working with the University in devising a new work, which premiered as Abu Dhabi's historic first nationally-produced theatrical production.

After leaving the original creative cast of Queen of the Night, Wil was brought in as a One on One consultant, working with new actors, dancers, and circus artists, in the generation and editing of highly intimate performance in public and private spaces.

Wil has been a monologue and audition coach since 2004.


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